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A question I see a lot of collectors who are new to the sports card hobby ask, is what the difference is between the different kinds of boxes out there. The intricacies of every product are slightly different, so

In the football card collecting hobby, Panini, who hold the licensing rights for the NFL, release many different products every year – From lower-end and cheaper brands all the way to the most premium and expensive football card boxes

Coming out of Ohio State University, Justin Fields debuted in the NFL in 2021 – He’s an exciting prospect quarterback, who many believe will go on to be a top player in the NFL. The 2021 NFL Draft had

Coming out of the University of Wyoming, Josh Allen entered the NFL in 2018 with the Buffalo Bills, and quickly established himself as a top quarterback. The young quarterback played consistently in his first 2 seasons, but the 2020

Lawrence Taylor is widely considered the best defensive player to have ever played professional football, with some believing he has a case for being the greatest NFL player of all time. The two-time Super Bowl champion spent his whole

While Joe Montana might not be considered as being on the level of Tom Brady, he’s no doubt one of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. The Pennsylvania native is a four-time Super Bowl champion, who spent

A question I often get asked by card collectors is whether it’s possible to get trading cards graded in-person, instead of going through the usual process of mailing cards and waiting for the grading service to grade, slab and

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