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In 2021, Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton, somewhat controversially depending on who you ask, to the Formula 1 World Championship at the final race to become world champion for the first time.   The Dutch sensation is one of Formula

David Beckham is without doubt one of the most famous names to come out of soccer.  Although he was a top player, who achieved a lot in his career, his fame surpasses just the soccer world. Beckham embraced the

With so many different sports card manufacturers, sets and parallels these days, it can be tough to identify how rare a sports card is. Maybe you’ve stumbled across an old sports card collection, and you want to know if

Darwin Nunez is one of the most exciting young forwards in world soccer right now. The tall, athletic striker has a surprising burst of speed for his size, and a natural ability to score goals. The Uruguayan wonderkid has

If you’re a fan of soccer, then you’ve probably heard the name Dusan Vlahovic by now. The big Serbian forward (born in January 2000) is a goal machine, who first really made a name for himself with Italian side

If you have a collection of sports cards, the way they are stored will have a big impact on their condition. Experienced collectors will know that storing trading cards properly is important to preserve them long term, and avoid

Erling Haaland has become a huge name in soccer, and the sports card hobby in recent times. It’s fair to say the Norwegian forward (born in July 2000) is a goal-machine, and recognized now as one of the top

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