Bruno Fernandes Rookie Card (And His Other Valuable Cards To Look Out For)

Bruno Fernandes has established himself as one of the best soccer players in the English Premier League right now, arguably the best. 

The attacking midfielder hit the ground running after his move to Manchester United in January 2020 and has become a big name around the world of soccer, with his best years in the sport still ahead of him.

The hugely popular Portuguese international has plenty of soccer cards to look out for. Here’s a list of some to keep an eye on.

What Is Bruno Fernandes’ True Rookie Card?

2013-14 Panini Calciatori Bruno Fernandes Sticker

Bruno Fernandes’ first taste of top tier soccer was with Serie A side, Udinese. His true rookie was released in 2013 as part of the Panini Calciatori sticker set. 

The 2013-14 season wasn’t actually Bruno Fernandes’ rookie season, that was with Novara in 2012-13 in the Serie B (which is Italian’s second tier league) however there was no card or sticker issued for him that season hence why the sticker, which was issued in his second season, is considered his true rookie.

With only 8 listed on PSA’s population report right now, the sticker is quite rare, which makes it more valuable. None of the 8 listed are graded a 10, so finding a raw version of the sticker that’s in very good condition and has the potential to grade a 10, could be very lucrative for a collector.

Other Bruno Fernandes Cards To Look Out For

2014-15 Panini Calciatori Bruno Fernandes Sticker

Another Bruno Fernandes sticker from the Panini Calciatori series, but for the 2014-15 season, a year after his true rookie card. 

Fernandes was still at Udinese at this point and still relatively unknown in the soccer world. It’s also another rare sticker of his, with only 2 currently on the PSA population report.

With it still being a very early Bruno Fernandes card, it still has value to collectors, so it’s one to keep an eye out for.

2017 Topps Chrome Uefa Champions League Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes Topp Chrome 2017 Soccer Card

This Bruno Fernandes card was issued in his Sporting Lisbon rookie season, but wasn’t the first Sporting Lisbon card, as the 2017/18 Panini World Club Football card was released slightly earlier. It is, however, Bruno Fernandes’ first Topps card, and it has a great design.

Sporting Lisbon is where Fernandes started making a name for himself in soccer, playing Champions League soccer for one of the best teams in Portugal. By the time Fernandes left to join Manchester United, he was Lisbon’s captain and by far their best player.

The card was issued in a number of different versions to the standard, such as the purple, green, red, blue, orange and gold refractor cards.

Panini Fifa World Cup 2018 Bruno Fernandes Sticker

Bruno Fernandes Panini Fifa World Cup 2018 Soccer Sticker

The 2018 Panini sticker is Bruno Fernandes’ Portugal rookie card, released as part of the Fifa World Cup set which was Fernandes’ first national competition.

He’s been outshone in the national team by one of soccer’s GOATS, Cristiano Ronaldo – But with Ronaldo’s career coming to an end, Fernandes will become one of the main parts of the national team in the years to come.

Being his first Portugal card, this is a must for any collector and will hold value for being his Portugal rookie card.

2020 Panini Premier League Transfer Updates Bruno Fernandes Sticker

Bruno Fernandes Panini Premier League Transfer Update 2020 Soccer Sticker

This Bruno Fernandes sticker was released shortly after his transfer to Manchester United in January 2020 as part of the update set Panini released after the mid-season January transfer window closes.

As I mentioned earlier, Bruno Fernandes very much hit the ground running at Manchester United and quickly established himself as one of the best players in the Premier League, he almost single-handedly turned Manchester United’s fortunes around in the 2020/21 season and won their player of the year, despite joining halfway through. He’s now a huge part of a very strong squad and has transformed the team into Premier League title contenders, which has made him a fan favorite already.

If he can go one step further with Manchester United and start helping them win major titles like the Premier League and the Champions League, then he’ll earn modern legendary status in the sport, which will definitely increased the demand for his cards – with this being his Manchester United ‘rookie’, I think it’s a great buy at its current value.

Is Bruno Fernandes’ Rookie Card A Good Investment?

I personally think Bruno Fernandes’ rookie card is still underrated and undervalued at the moment. When you consider what he could still achieve at Manchester United, who have built a very strong and young squad that will compete for the top prizes in the next few years, then it’s likely that his card value could increase a lot in the future.

His ever-rising popularity is only going to do one thing to his card values, and that’s increase them.

Some would also argue that Fernandes is a future Ballon D’or winner and with such a scarcity of graded rookie cards combined with Its current value, I think his rookie is a solid investment right now.