With so many different sports card manufacturers, sets and parallels these days, it can be tough to identify how rare a sports card is. Maybe you’ve stumbled across an old sports card collection, and you want to know if you’re sitting on any

If you have a collection of sports cards, the way they are stored will have a big impact on their condition. Experienced collectors will know that storing trading cards properly is important to preserve them long term, and avoid them getting damaged from

Card grading is a great way to not only preserve a card’s condition, but to also increase its value – the higher a card is graded, the more it’s worth to collectors. Submission numbers for professional card grading, in recent times, have grown

If you’ve been in the sports card collecting hobby for any length of time, chances are you’ve heard of the phrase ‘rookie card’. Rookie Cards have a bit of an aura about them in the hobby – They’re a big deal to collectors,

In recent years, card grading has become a huge part of the sports card hobby. There’s many good reasons to get a sports card graded, such as increasing the value if you’re looking to sell the card. PSA are arguably the most well-known

In the sports card hobby, a player’s rookie card, in almost all cases, will be their most valuable card. If you’re just starting out in the sports card collecting hobby, you may be wondering why a rookie card is worth more than other

A lot of people are realizing that there’s money to be made by trading sports cards, but so many do not take the time to research and educate themselves before jumping in. As someone who has bought and sold soccer cards in particular

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