eBay Acquire Goldin Auctions, Sells eBay Vault To PSA

eBay x Collectors

eBay has announced a commercial agreement with Collectors Holdings for the acquisition of Goldin Auctions, and the sale of eBay vault to PSA, who are one of the Collectors brands.

The deal has a big impact on the sports card collecting hobby, as we see two of the largest and most well-known marketplaces, for collectibles, merge.

According to eBay “This will enable a more well-rounded collecting experience across price points.”

“This deal will enhance and expand our reach as we continue to do what we do best – source incredible collector’s items – and connect with millions of enthusiasts around the world. I am looking forward to an amazing future with eBay,” said Ken Goldin, Founder and CEO of Goldin Auctions.

The acquisition of eBay Vault by PSA also means that cards which are currently vaulted with eBay will also soon head to the PSA vault, and card owners will soon be able to sell vaulted and just-graded cards directly on eBay.

PSA customers should receive a more streamlined time-to-market service for listing graded cards for sale on the eBay marketplace as well.

Collectors CEO, Nat Turner, said: “We will drastically improve the collector experience by creating a seamless, end-to-end journey. No matter an individual collector’s goals, this partnership will make collecting safer, easier and more fun. We’re excited to combine the scale and trust across eBay’s global marketplace with PSA’s authentication and grading expertise.”

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Tom Flint

A long-time collector of sports cards, Tom mainly collects soccer World Cup Prizm cards these days. As a kid, he enjoyed collecting baseball cards. He's a huge sports fan, with lots experience and passion for sports card collecting.
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