LeBron/Jordan 2007-08 Exquisite Dual Logoman Card Surfaces For The First Time

LeBron James Michael Jordan Dual Logoman Patch Autograph 2007-08 Exquisite

The elusive 1-of-1 LeBron James and Michael Jordan Dual Logoman Patch Autograph basketball card, from the 2007-08 Exquisite Collection set, has surfaced for the first time publicly.

There are only four Dual Logoman LeBron/Jordan cards in existence, and this card from 2007-08 Exquisite had been the final ‘missing’ card; The other three cards are from the 2003-04, 2004-05 and 2006-07 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection sets.

The card features the NBA Logoman from both a LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers jersey and a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey, plus an on-card signature from both players.

2007-08 Dual Logoman Auto LeBron James Michael Jordan

For 15 years, collectors have speculated about the whereabouts of the card, which had been a mystery since the product was released.

Many collectors considered it to be one of the hobby’s top unpacked cards, with most believing that it was still sealed inside a pack somewhere.

However, a collector, who goes by the name of Shyne150 on Instagram, announced in a post that the original owner, who pulled the card from a pack in October 2008, has sold it to him for over $1 million dollars in a private sale, which was negotiated over 4 months and brokered by Goldin.

The sale and announcement ends one of the basketball card hobby’s unearthed grail mysteries.

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