Marcus Rashford Rookie Cards: A Guide (With Best Picks)

This site contains some affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, at no extra cost to you.

This site contains some affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, at no extra cost to you.

For soccer card collectors, there’s not a huge choice of Marcus Rashford rookie cards, which were released during the 2016-17 soccer season.

The best Rashford rookie, in my opinion, is his 2016-17 Panini Select Mazzanine card, which has some rare and expensive parallel versions; I’ve covered that, and his other top rookie card options, below.

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Quick Summary: Best Rookie Picks

Marcus Rashford Rookie Cards

2016-17 Topps Stadium Club Marcus Rashford #88

2016-17 Topps Stadium Club Marcus Rashford #88

Technically speaking, if we’re going by the first released Marcus Rashford card by date, the 2016-17 Topps Stadium Club Marcus Rashford rookie card has to be considered his true rookie.

It was released in late 2016, before all his other rookies.

Is this one his most popular rookie card? No it’s not, which I would partly put down to its horizontal design, but it’s not a bad looking card, showing Rashford celebrating moments after scoring a very late winning goal, against Hull City, at the start of the 2016-17 Premier League season.

Despite it being his true rookie, it’s not an expensive card to buy; There are also a couple of rarer parallels, including the Members Only version, which sold for $493, back in 2023, graded 10 by PSA.

2016-17 Topps Premier Gold Marcus Rashford #71

The 2016-17 Premier Gold Marcus Rashford rookie card is a bit more popular than the Stadium Club true rookie, and holds more value; It’s one of his most expensive rookies to buy.

The card itself has a dark theme, with an image of Rashford in his home Manchester United uniform – Overall, a clean and nice looking Rashford rookie card.

There are also a couple of parallels which offer a slightly harder, and more valuable, chase than the base card.

2016-17 Panini Select Marcus Rashford Terrace #77 & Mezzanine #151

2016-17 Panini Select Terrace Marcus Rashford #77
2016-17 Panini Select Marcus Rashford #151

As always, Panini Select worked with a tiered system for the 2016-17 set. There were 3 levels of unique base cards, with each getting rarer – Rashford was included in 2 of the 3 lists; He doesn’t have the rarest (Field Level), but he does have a Terrace and Mezzanine base card.

The Terrace card is the most common, and features Rashford in the white England jersey, while the Mezzanine base card is rarer, and features him in the red England strip.

Both base cards are not expensive to buy, but both have their own set of parallel versions, with some of the low-numbered options being among Rashford’s most expensive rookie cards.

A copy of the Gold parallel version (/10) of the Terrace card sold for $1.63k in 2021.

2016-17 Panini UEFA Euro 2016 Marcus Rashford Sticker #146x

2016-17 Panini UEFA Euro 2016 Marcus Rashford Sticker #146x

The only rookie sticker that Marcus Rashford has is the 2016-17 UEFA Euro 2016 sticker.

The set was released for the European championship international competition, which Rashford played in for England, as the tournament’s youngest player.

You might wonder why the sticker number includes an ‘x’ – This indicates the Rashford sticker was part of the update set Panini released later than the initial checklist.

He wasn’t included in the initial release, and the print run for the update set would’ve been lower than the main release, so it makes this rarer than many of the Euro 2016 stickers.

As always, the Panini stickers are quite basic in design, and this is no different. Despite it being a sticker instead of a card, which isn’t to every collector’s taste, the relative rarity of it makes it harder to come by than some of the alternatives.

2016-17 Topps Match Attax Premier League Marcus Rashford #195

2016-17 Topps Match Attax Premier League Marcus Rashford #195

Some collectors do not consider the 2016-17 Topps Match Attax Rashford card as one of his official rookies.

Cards from these sets generally aren’t that popular for soccer hobby collectors because they’re heavily aimed at kids as part of a soccer card game using the attributes shown on the face of the card.

Despite that, it was released during the 2016-17 season, and presents another option for someone who wants to add a Rashford first year card to their collection.

It’s the cheapest of his first year cards.

He actually has a second card from the set, which has a similar, but different image of Rashford, and a glossy background/finish.

What Is The Most Popular Marcus Rashford Card Ever?

2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Marcus Rashford #72

2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Marcus Rashford #72

The most popular and sought-after Marcus Rashford card isn’t one released during his rookie season.

It’s the Panini Prizm World Cup card from 2018, his first appearance in the highly popular Panini Prizm sets.

The card marks his first FIFA World Cup for England, which was the 2018 tournament hosted in Russia.

The base card is popular, but easy to get hold of and not expensive – Things intensify for value and rarity with the array of parallels, which is to be expected from a Prizm set, particularly the lower-numbered options.

A PSA 10 graded copy of the Gold parallel (/10) sold for $6.1k, back in 2020, which made it one of his most expensive cards ever sold.

When Was Marcus Rashford’s Rookie Season?

Rashford’s first full season was the 2016-17 soccer season, where he played for both Manchester United, and internationally for England – He made his debut for Manchester United towards the end of the 2015-16 season.

What Is Marcus Rashford’s True Rookie Card?

The very first Marcus Rashford card released was his 2016-17 Topps Stadium Club card, which was issued in late 2016.

What Is The Most Expensive Marcus Rashford Rookie Card?

The 2016-17 Panini Select Mazzanine (#151) card is Rashford’s most expensive rookie to buy; High graded copies have sold for multiple-hundreds of dollars in the past, and the lowest-numbered parallel versions have sold for over $1k before.

Marcus Rashford: A Background

Marcus Rashford burst onto the scene in 2016, when an injury crisis at Manchester United forced the then manager, Louis Van Gaal, to hand him his debut in the Europa League – Rashford grabbed the opportunity with both hands and scored 2 goals.

Those goals made him United’s youngest ever scorer in European competition (at the time), beating a record previously held by one of soccer’s greatest ever, George Best.

He followed up his successful debut, by scoring 2 goals again, 3 days later on his Premier League debut.

The English inside-forward was already a star from there on – His explosive pace and power, mixed with his brilliant technical ability with the ball, makes him a nightmare for defenders, and an exciting player for supporters to watch.

Rashford is one of those players who are hard to dislike, regardless of which team your allegiances lie with. He’s a player who is almost as well-known for his selfless work with local communities, as he is for his on-field soccer career.

He’s had a few ups and downs during his career – his poor season in 2021-22 left many wondering whether he could fulfill his high potential, but after a stellar season in 2022-23, he’s established himself as one of the best players in the world.

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