PSA Announce Introduction Of Blue Label Graded Slabs

PSA Blue Label

PSA have announced that they’ll be introducing blue labels on their grading slabs ‘in the coming months’, for items that have only been submitted for autograph authentication.

Previously, PSA has used the same red color label for trading cards, regardless of whether the card itself has been authenticated, or only an autograph has been authenticated.

Going forward, the blue label will be for all collectibles that have only had grading or authentication on the autograph.

Blue label = Only autograph has been authenticated/graded.
Red label = The card has been authenticated/graded (both with or without an autograph included).

The change aims to help reduce confusion among collectors about what they’re buying, when looking at a card encased in a PSA slab.

Counterfeit or reprint cards, for example, that include a real autograph will now be clearly identifiable with the blue label.

PSA’s president, Ryan Hoge, said: “We know customers like having the choice of multiple ways to submit for authentication and encapsulation at different price points. We also care deeply about making sure customers that are buying PSA items know what they are purchasing and continue to trust PSA and the services we provide.”

In my opinion, this is a positive change by PSA which should help collectors understand what they’re buying on the secondary market. 

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