David Beckham Rookie Card – His Most Valuable Cards

David Beckham is without doubt one of the most famous names to come out of soccer

Although he was a top player, who achieved a lot in his career, his fame surpasses just the soccer world.

Beckham embraced the celebrity side of being a star at one of the biggest sports teams in the world, Manchester United, and that has led him to become not only a British cultural icon, but also a global superstar.

‘Becks’ is known in soccer for his incredible passing, crossing and free-kick taking ability – He was one of the world’s best wide midfielders of his generation.  

He started his soccer career at Manchester United, and was part of their famous ‘Class of 92’ – a group of 6 talented young academy graduates and friends, including the likes of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, who all went on to become top players.

When Was David Beckham’s Rookie Year?

Beckham played his first senior game for Manchester United in 1992, at the age of 17. 

He went on to win 11 trophies for Manchester United, including 6 Premier League titles and a UEFA Champions league title, before he left for another one of the most famous soccer teams in the world, Real Madrid, in 2003.

He went on to also play for LA Galaxy in the US, AC Milan in Italy and PSG in France where he won further league titles and cups – Making him the first English player to win league titles in four countries.

His 115 senior appearances for the England national team was a record for an outfield player up until 2016 – David was captain for 58 of those games.

Beckham arguably peaked quite young in soccer terms, finishing runner-up in the Ballon D’or (world player of the year award) in 1999 at the age of 24, after playing a key role in Manchester United winning the Premier league, Champions league and FA cup – but there’s no doubt he had a long and highly successful career.

David Beckham has gone on to create and launch his own MLS team (currently president and co-owner), Inter Miami, which debuted in the MLS in 2020 – He is also a co-owner of UK based lower league team, Salford City.

Soccer card collectors are not exactly spoiled for choice with David Beckham cards, but let’s take a look at some of his most valuable and popular cards.

What Is David Beckham’s True Rookie Card?

1995 LCD Publishing Premier Strikers David Beckham #62

1995 LCD Publishing Premier Strikers David Beckham

Although this card isn’t recognized as the David Backham card to have by many collectors, it is his true rookie.

It was released in 1995 as part of LCD Publishing’s Premier Strikers set, which included 108 different base cards of midfielders and forwards from the 1995-96 Premier League season.

The card shows David Beckham in action for Manchester United.

For any David Beckham fan who’s in the soccer card hobby, it’s definitely one to add to the collection if you can get hold of it – although it is already valued quite highly.

Other Valuable David Beckham Cards

1995 Subbuteo Squads David Beckham #NNO

This card was released the same year as the LCD true rookie card, but I believe it was issued after.

Subbuteo are not most known for sports cards, they’re the manufacturers of a once very popular, particularly in Europe, table-top soccer game.

However, Subbuteo did release some soccer cards, and David Beckham had this one for the 1995-96 season, which interestingly is 3 years after he played his first senior game for Manchester United, although it wasn’t until 1996 that he became an established senior player.

The card itself looks quite retro – It shows a young Beckham in action for Manchester United.

It’s not an easy card to get hold of these days, most will be with collectors or Subbuteo enthusiasts in the UK. The value of anything Subbuteo has risen a lot in recent years, because it’s become very collectable, and that’s also true for this David Beckham card.

1996 Merlin Gold David Beckham #92

A good deal of soccer card collectors view this as the David Beckham rookie card to have – it has a similar value, if not higher, than the LCD and Subbuteo cards.

Although it was issued after the Subbuteo and LCD Beckham cards, it’s arguably his most popular card. It’s another which is rare and hard to get hold of.

The design is minimalistic, but cleaner and, in my opinion, better looking than the Subbuteo card and fairly similar to the true rookie. 

The back of the card includes a short bio and some statistics.

1996 Merlin’s Premier League Stickers David Beckham #40

1996 Merlin’s Premier League Stickers David Beckham

David Beckham’s first issued sticker came as part of the Merlin 1996 Premier League set.

Most collectors at the time would stick the stickers into the set album which means it’s very hard to find this one ‘unstuck’ and still in good condition.

The standalone sticker definitely holds value for the reason it is so rare, but also because it’s the first Beckham sticker.

The design itself is quite basic, which is normal for soccer stickers – It shows a very young looking Beckham with a Manchester United jersey on.

2000 Raven Manchester United Red Devils David Beckham #10

2000 Raven Manchester United Red Devils David Beckham

There’s been some confusion around when this card was first released in the past, mainly due to PSA listing it incorrectly for some time as a 1995 Beckham rookie card – That’s since been changed. The card is believed to have been first issued in 2000.

Some information on this card suggests there was a very limited print run of just 500, however I believe that is also false information – If you look at the PSA population report numbers, it appears to back up the suggestion that there was in fact a lot more than 500 printed.

This card has sold for some significant amounts in the past, however I would question whether that’s due largely to the misinformation about its year of release and rarity.

2007 Upper MLS Deck David Beckham #63

2007 Upper MLS Deck David Beckham

Becks moved to MLS side LA Galaxy from Real Madrid in 2007, which at the time was the biggest transfer the MLS had ever seen.

This card is the most popular card from his time at LA Galaxy, and it holds a lot of value.

It shows an older looking David Beckham in action for LA Galaxy.

Is David Beckham’s Rookie Card A Good Investment

There’s no doubt that Beckham is one of soccer’s greats, and he’ll always be an incredibly famous name – but I do think the upside potential from current valuations is limited. 

There will always be a level of demand for Beckham rookies, he is a must-have for many soccer card collectors, and his rookies are already rare, so values should keep rising in years to come.

However, I think from a soccer card investing point of view, there are better options, with higher potential for growth.