Why You Should Invest In Soccer Cards Right Now

The soccer card market is still very much emerging. When compared to the basketball, baseball and football markets, I believe it’s still hugely underrated – despite a couple of good years of growth and popularity. 

It’s the most popular sport in the world… in-fact the men’s Fifa World Cup is the most watched sporting event on the globe – the 2018 World Cup final alone was watched by 1.1 billion people.

Is there a solid argument for investing in Soccer cards over other popular sports cards? I believe so, and I’ll explain why in this article.

Will Soccer Cards Go Up In Value?

I believe soccer cards will generally rise further in value, yes – I think the increasing popularity for the sport in America gives them huge potential… especially with the 2026 men’s World Cup being hosted in America.

Soccer cards already had a great year in 2020, and it seems like that is only the beginning.

When you compare the values of the most rare and demanded soccer cards to the most rare and demanded basketball cards for example, there’s a big gap in values – there’s every case to suggest that the gap can close in the future with more and more collectors becoming interested in soccer.

There’s also a unique situation coming up which could hold some significance for the overall soccer card market. The 2 biggest international soccer tournaments will be held only one year apart instead of the usual 2 years. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Euro 2020 was delayed and will now take place this year in 2021… the World Cup will go ahead as planned in 2022 – that gives potential for some serious momentum of hype over these next two years.

It’s not long until soccer cards properly catch on… and I’m excited for it. 

But I would like to make a cautionary note – something I always recommend is that if you don’t follow soccer or know it well, then take time to research and learn the sport before you start investing in any cards – not doing that will make things a lot harder for you. 

Soccer has so many different top leagues and competitions around the world, something which makes it different from American sports like football or basketball, it can get overwhelming. If I was just starting and I was new to buying soccer cards, I would first research the top 4 leagues (The Premier League in England, Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Spain and The Bundesliga in Germany) as well as the International Tournaments (Like the World Cup and The European Championships).

What Soccer Cards Will Rise In Value?

There’s two main categories of soccer cards or stickers that I think are a good option (there’s also NFTs, but that’s a separate conversation).

First is the icons of the game (especially their rookie cards) – and by that I mean the GOATs… the best players to ever play soccer. The top 3 players of all time are widely considered to be Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi… although that can be open for debate. There’ll always be a demand for these cards and I think they’ll only keep rising over time as the overall market accelerates – the rarity of their cards (particularly Pele) is a big factor in this as well.

The other category is the emerging talents or rookies who are going to be the world beaters of the future. Collectors are already going crazy for players like Erling Haaland’s rookie card and Kylian Mbappe’s rookie card – the price of their cards and stickers have skyrocketed in the last year or two because they’ve both had some unbelievable seasons by now… but there’s still rookies like Mason Greenwood, Ansu Fati or Youssoufa Moukoko who I believe could be next.

Limited sets and numbered cards are becoming more popular in recent times as well, that’s going to help increase the values of soccer cards in the future.

Another point here is to focus on attackers and goal scorers – these guys hold the most value. The nature of their position means they’re the most exciting players, and that’s what drives hype with collectors. Goalkeepers and defensive players can rise but they’re generally limited in how much their values can go to.

Have I Missed The Opportunity To Invest In Soccer Cards?

I don’t believe the opportunity to invest and make money in soccer cards has passed – there’s been some really great growth in the market over the last 12-24 months but things have started slowing down a little. For me, it’s still a ‘sleeping giant’ when compared to other trading card markets.

There’s always the opportunity to buy rookie cards of the players who haven’t yet hit the big time but could be about to. This is where you take a bit of a gamble, because you will get it wrong sometimes, but knowing soccer well enough to spot the emerging stars can be a huge asset in making money with soccer cards.

Final Thoughts

You must remember that nothing is guaranteed – supply and demand markets like this one often go up and down but I think there’s many great reasons to be optimistic about soccer cards.