Max Verstappen Rookie Card – Most Valuable Verstappen Cards

In 2021, Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton, somewhat controversially depending on who you ask, to the Formula 1 World Championship at the final race to become world champion for the first time.  

The Dutch sensation is one of Formula 1’s biggest names, and there’s a big chance he can go on to become one of the all-time greats of the sport.

Max is the son of former Formula 1 driver, Jos Verstappen, and he burst onto the scene in 2015, when he became the youngest F1 driver in history, at the age of just 17.

In 2016, Verstappen then also became the youngest ever Formula One race winner, and the first Dutchman to achieve that, at the age of 18, in the Spanish Grand Prix on his debut for the Red Bull Racing team.

With the growing popularity of not only the sport of F1 in general, but also F1 cards, Verstappen is hugely popular among collectors – however, there’s not an abundance of cards from the early years of his career.

Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable Max Verstappen F1 cards.

What Is Max Verstappen’s True Rookie Card?

2016 Top Trumps Grand Prix Heroes Max Verstappen

2016 Top Trumps Grand Prix Heroes Max Verstappen

Although a good deal of collectors probably won’t recognize this card as the Verstappen rookie to have, it is his first issued card.

Top Trumps is primarily a card game, more popular in Europe, between 2 players, where statistics and attributes on the card are compared against the opponent’s card to determine a winner for each round – that’s why you can see attributes like skill level and instinct level on this Verstappen card. 

The card was released shortly before his first GP win, so that makes it a little more desirable to have for collectors.

Top trumps cards were not necessarily released to be collectable, and many owners of the Grand Prix set from 2016 would’ve used them for its intended purpose – to play the card game. Therefore, it’s quite rare to find this one in mint condition. 

It is already highly valued, due to it being Max Verstappen’s true rookie card.

Other Valuable Max Verstappen Cards

2020 Topps Chrome F1 Max Verstappen #6

2020 Topps Chrome F1 Max Verstappen

A lot of collectors consider this as Verstappen’s first ‘mainstream’ release.

Max Verstappen featured on 13 different base cards in the 2020 Topps Chrome F1 set, so there are plenty of options for collectors.

The #6 card is arguably the most popular of his from the set, and holds a lot of value. The base card (pictured above) comes with a few different variations and parallels, with varying rarity and therefore value.

Another popular card from this set is the variation (pictured below) showing Max sitting with his helmet – this variation appeared once in roughly every 2,300 packs and also has a few different rare colored parallels.

Max Verstappen Topps Chrome F1 Variation #6

2020 Topps Dynasty F1 Max Verstappen Autograph Patch

2020 Topps Dynasty F1 Max Verstappen Autograph Patch

The 2020 Topps Dynasty F1 set was a highly premium product, with some of the most rare and valuable Formula One cards included.

The autograph patch cards (/10) have parallels, which include red (/5) and gold (1/1).

Parts of drivers’ overalls were used for additional card styles – These include Glove Patch (/10), Suit Zipper (/5), Flag (/4) and Nameplate Patch (/4). All four of these also have 1/1 Jumbo Patch versions.

The set also included some single-driver dual and triple relic cards as well as team (dual-driver) relic cards, all numbered /10 or less.

Verstappen has 3 different base autographed patch cards in the set, as well as a dual-relic autograph, five triple-relic autographs, and a suit flag patch card

All Verstappen cards from this set are valued very highly, and are obviously very hard to get hold of due to their rarity – but right now they’re probably his most valuable cards.

2020 Topps Now F1 Max Verstappen #23

2020 Topps Now F1 Max Verstappen #23

Max Verstappen’s first entry into the Topps Now series was this card celebrating his win in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the final race of the 2020 season.

Although the cards are not numbered, the print-to-order card had a print run of 4,047 according to Topps.

2021 Topps Now F1 Max Verstappen #83

Verstappen had a number of different Topps Now cards in 2021 – this one shows Verstappen celebrating his Drivers’ World Championship title with Red Bull Racing team principal, Christian Horner, and more of the Red Bull team.

The standard cards aren’t numbered, but have a print run of 5,978 according to Topps. However, there is a Gold (1/1), Red (/10) and Blue (/99) parallel version, which are numbered.

2021 Topps Now F1 Max Verstappen #84

Another Topps Now Verstappen card from his 2021 championship winning season is this one, which actually shows an image of a young, rookie Max Verstappen celebrating his first World Championship title with the caption “Where it all began”.

Again, the print-to-order cards aren’t numbered, but have a print run of 8,083 according to Topps. The Gold (1/1), Red (/10) and Blue (/99), however, are numbered.

Is A Max Verstappen Rookie Card A Good Investment?

Max Verstappen is one of Formula One’s biggest names right now, and his cards are popular with collectors.

Although he’s not yet in the same class as the greats like Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna for example, he’s got the potential to go on and be one of the all-time greats of the sport by the time he retires.

Considering the potential he has to become a great of F1, and the growing popularity of F1 and F1 cards, I think Max Verstappen rookies are a good investment for the future.