Darwin Nunez Rookie Card – His Most Valuable Cards

Darwin Nunez is one of the most exciting young forwards in world soccer right now. The tall, athletic striker has a surprising burst of speed for his size, and a natural ability to score goals.

The Uruguayan wonderkid has big shoes to fill, with the two legendary Uruguay forwards, Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez, coming to the end of their career.

Born in 1999, Nunez started really making a name for himself in the 2020-21 soccer season when he moved to Portuguese giants, Benfica, at the age of 21 for a club record transfer fee of around $25m, making him the most expensive signing in Portuguese league history at the time. 

It was the 2021-22 season that Darwin really started to establish himself as one of the world’s most exciting young players – scoring 34 goals in 41 games, including his first goals in the UEFA Champions League.

Although he isn’t considered in the same tier as the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland and Dusan Vlahovic, he’s certainly the next tier of young talent in soccer, and he has huge potential.

A good deal of soccer card collectors will have Darwin Nunez on their radar by now, he could be a great long term play for investors, especially with his cards being cheap right now – Let’s take a look at his most valuable and popular soccer cards right now:

What Is Darwin Nunez’s True Rookie Card?

Panini Futebol 2020-21 Darwin Nunez #52

Panini Futebol 2020 Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez’s true rookie is the Panini sticker from the 2020-21 Futebol set for the Portuguese league.

As with most Panini stickers, the design is quite basic, showing a headshot of Nunez in a Benfica jersey and his height, weight and date of birth.

It’s not easy getting hold of the sticker, but they are out there. They were released mainly in Portugal, so Portuguese collectors are the best bet in finding one to buy. I think long term it’s a good investment in the soccer card hobby, Nunez has the potential to become a star.

Other Most Valuable Darwin Nunez Cards

2020-21 Topps On Demand UCL Summer Signings Darwin Nunez #DANU

This is considered the Darwin Nunez card to own by some, and it’s my personal favorite Nunez card. Many consider it his rookie card, and while it is his first card release, the Panini Futebol sticker was released first.

It has a clean design, showing Darwin playing for Benfica, with a cool blue background and a UEFA Champions League logo – also his first UCL release.

The card can be brought for a very reasonable price on the secondary market when you consider the potential Darwin has. I see this as a good play, long term, for a Nunez investment.

2020-21 Topps Match Attax UEFA Europa League Hat-trick Hero Darwin Nunez #HTH1

2020 Topps Match Attax UEFA Europa League Hat-trick Hero Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez had a couple of Match Attax cards released by Topps in the 2020-21, and at the moment they are quite similar in value.

However, I think this Hat-trick hero card is the nicer card of the two, and will probably be more popular than the Time To Shine card.

Match Attax cards aren’t generally the most popular among soccer collectors – they’re generally aimed at a young audience, which gives them a slightly ‘childish’ design.

The card has two images of Nunez in a Benfica jersey and, as with all Match Attax cards, includes attribute stats.

2021 Panini CONMEBOL Copa America Darwin Nunez #URU23

Another sticker released as part of a Panini set. This one was for the 2021 Copa America (originally meant to be held in 2020) – the major international tournament for South American national teams.

Although Uruguay under-performed in the tournament, after being eliminated on penalties by Colombia, the sticker will hold significance for Darwin, because it’s his first international team release.

Again, Panini stickers tend to have a very basic design, and that is true for this one – it shows a headshot of Nunez in his Uruguay jersey.

This one is easier to get hold of than the 2020-21 Panini Futebol sticker.

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Darwin Nunez #407

2021 Topps UEFA Champions League Darwin Nunez

This one is another Darwin Nunez sticker, released by Topps as part of the 2021-22 UCL set.

Similarly to the Panini stickers, it has quite a basic design with a headshot of Nunez in a Benfica jersey and a clean looking Champions League background with the UCL logo included.

2021-22 Topps Merlin Heritage 97 UEFA Champions League Darwin Nunez #97

2021 Topps Merlin Heritage 97 UEFA Champions League Darwin Nunez

Another Topps card for Nunez, this one was released in the Topps Merlin Heritage 97 set which is also for the UEFA Champions League – the main base cards feature the retro Merlin Premier League 97 stickers design.

Many of the cards released in the set have parallels or autographed cards, however Darwin Nunez just has a base card.

Is Darwin Nunez’s Rookie Card A Good Investment?

I think with his current rookie card prices being so low, it’s a good low risk play for soccer card investors.

Darwin Nunez is without doubt one of soccer’s most exciting prospective young forwards. As I mentioned earlier, he’s not considered within the same category as the likes of Haaland and Mbappe, but he’s got the potential to be a top player.